Inside redser’s head….

8 04 2010

Inside redser’s head….

Dont you have anything better to do?

The response I receive from people when I inform them that my husband is involved in charitable work can be loosely divided into 3 groups. There’s the “fair play to him” group, which is the commonest of the three. There’s the “how can we help?” group, to whom I am eternally greatful, and then there’s the *blank look and dumbass questions* group.  The third group frustrate the hell out of me.  They really dont get it.  When I try to explain to them why exactly my husband founded a charity & is now actively working to achieve the aims of that charity, it is as if I am speaking in some ancient, long forgotten language.  Oddly enough the ones who dont get it are comprised mainly of the mature, the well heeled, the devout church going good citizens and successful business people of this island of (cough) saints & schollars.   There have been remarks to the effect of “I didn’t realise you guys were so well off that you have the resources to spare for this kind of thing…”, and “sure wouldn’t you be better off putting that time/energy into better car/home improvements, to make your life a bit more comfortable?” The latter comment made by folk so closely associated with us as to be aware of our less than luxurious lifestyle (eg old falling apart cars & damp draughty house).  We may live in a cold house, and drive old cars, but our lives have not been shaken to the foundations (in every possible interpretation of that phrase) by an earthquake.  The things that I whinge about impatiently on a day to day basis are there today and no doubt will be still be there tomorrow, but my children are safe, and they have food in their bellies.  We have a roof over our heads, and there is no rain leaking in to our home.  If it gets cold there is a closet full of blankets to draw from. 

If my lovely husband was a construction worker, or a doctor, I have no doubt that he would be winging his way to Haiti to ply those trades. He’s a wireless guy, so that is the know-how he is bringing to this disaster struck place.  Other professionals are bringing their specific skills there, to be utilised in the most helpful way possible.  The equipment and expertise that Haiti Connect are bringing to the aftermath of a devestating earthquake will ease the burden of those who are trying to assist and rebuild.  Haiti Connect’s contribution to those efforts, whether large or small, when combined with all the other efforts will make a difference.  So the next time someone asks me if we have “nothing better to do?”, my question to them will be “can you think of something better you could be doing right now?”

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3 responses

8 04 2010

people are st00pid, unfortunately. Sorry you’ve had to deal with this type of stupidity, though, mrs. Don’t let the feckers get you down. x

8 04 2010
Evert Bopp

Did I mention today that you rock?
Thanks for reminding me why I married you.

8 04 2010

Very well said I thought!

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